FWD + Organise 2016

Australia's top digital and organising talent converge for two days in Sydney, November 24-25.

I'm coming!

Some of us mostly work behind a keyboard, others spend our time talking with communities in the field. Some of us obsess over circles of commitment, recruitment events and building relationships. Others focus on innovative email tactics or new tools for online customisation and targeting.

The truth is that more and more of us do both: online and offline collide in our social change work just as they do in our lives. So for this 5th year of FWD, and in the 2nd year of ORGANISE, we’ve decided to hold them together.

FWD + Organise 2016 is our chance to dive deep into our areas of expertise – whether digital or organising  – and share experiences, best practice, case studies and skills.


FWD + Organise 2016 is at St. Barnabas Centre, Ultimo, Sydney

  • 9.00am – 5.30pm on Thursday 24 November (followed by the party!)
  • 9.00am – 5.00pm on Friday 25 November.


FWD + Organise 2016 will convene hundreds of Australia’s leading grassroots, industrial, and community organisers, and digital advocates, campaigners and activists.


We’ll showcase the best organising projects and digital campaigns from across Australia and the globe. We’ll go deep to debrief the Australian and US Elections, learn from new tactics from the corporate sector, and use our organising skills to build relationships with each other.

With more than 40 sessions to choose from, there’ll be skill shares and trainings, unique panels, amazing keynotes and fascinating case studies. Nominate a session you want to run by 15 August.



Who are the Speakers?

We’re proud to announce our first two international speakers, Jenna Lowenstein, Digital Director for Hilary for America, and Michael Whitney, Fundraising Manager for Bernie 2016. In our next round of speaker announcements, we’re excited to showcase organising projects from around the world, and more top class digital.

Maybe you should be a speaker? Nominate a session here. We’d love to have you.

Buy your ticket here and fill out the application questions about your experience during the ticket purchase. 

FWD + Organise 2016 is only for practicing organisers or digital campaigners working in civil society organisations.

You’ll need to purchase separately for each person attending. In some cases we may refund the ticket price to people who would get more out of other events.